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After having our Roadtrek for a year and about 10,000 miles under us, we continued to be frustrated with the lack of performance of the internal TV antenna. It was time for action and some research.

After some discussion with a few users of the Winegard antenna and reading some reviews, it was decided that we would purchase and install one on our Roadtrek. I put out a few messages on the CyberRally and another group soliciting experience in this endeavor with no response except to be careful about roof reinforcement to accommodate the antenna. Being "cheap" (but I will spend money on having the right tools for the job) and an avid do-it-yourself kind of guy, 

I will admit that finding the dimples on top for the main holes, then discovering that the roof was reinforced for mounting the antenna, and finding that a coaxial cable was included in the original wiring harness, provided significant relief as the installation progressed. If those items aren't present and roof reinforcement is needed, it will be an entirely different set of concerns.


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