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TrippLite Inverter-Charger Remote Control

Message from WA4DYD:

Having seen a couple of articles regarding the TrippLite Inverter-Charger remote switch to remotely switch from the Auto mode (inverter will function and draws an idle current) to Charge Only mode (draws significantly less current), I took the liberty of expanding the functionality to include the indicators that duplicate those on the Inverter-Charger and sorted out the connections for the indicators. This series of photos and the diagram reflect what I discovered and allows the builder to construct their own remote switch-monitor panel.  However, even in the Charge Only mode, the unit still draws some current, although much less than in the Auto mode.

No warranty is implied in this circuit description, but it is working for me.  Only basic electronics and fabrication skills are necessary to construct the unit.

Stan Edwards

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