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Vantastic No-Holes Radio Mount

Harvey Tetmeyer K5LJM - Silent Key 5 Feb 2005 

With the antennas installed, it was time to think about adding the radios.
The two meter rig came first.

Was there a way to mount the radio without drilling holes or sticking something to the dash or console?

You bet there was! And let's face it, next week we may want the radio somewhere else, so why punch holes in a new van... to be enjoyed forever?

There is a nice deep pocket in the console. Could I build a sheet metal bracket that would fit snugly on the inside and not touch anything on the outside? Yes... well almost. It would not touch the outside of the console but would need some support from the floor. There were no holes, so that was no biggie. A piece of 1/16 steel sheet, about 6 inches wide was bent as shown in the picture to the right and fitted in the slot. Holes were drilled in the formed sheet and the radio was mounted with short screws to keep from scratching the outside of the console. And yes, I painted it too... black... for the finishing touches.


Here is how it looks installed in the van. It fits snugly in the console... but doesn't touch it on the outside. The floor support keeps the plate from bending when we hit bumps. I like stability.

Whenever I get around to it... I'll mount a mic hanger on the plate. Details...

Does the radio take up any of the space in the pocket?

Check the next picture for a closer look.

Well... no... not much... maybe a quarter inch. But there is still room for everything we really need to navigate the Fruited Plain.

This approach should work for just about any kind of radios... ham, CB, marine, commercial... the works.

For a wider radio, I could make a wider bracket.

I could also mount two radios on a wider bracket. I might even do that if I can find a place for a CB antenna.

On second thought...

If I ever win the lottery and can afford a small HF radio, it could go up here too. Right now the HF rig is operated from the radio room in back... close to the batteries.

Before adding much more stuff, it might be wise to check with Margie, AB5ZX, the ham/wife/friend/consigliori who shares these cozy quarters. She might have some good advice... well worth considering.

Harvey K5LJM

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