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Jun 27, 2024

REGION 8 The Annual Meet Up in WA

Bay View State Park, Burlington WA
Aug 25-29, 2024
By Teri Rostberg

The annual meetup in WA is scheduled for August 25-29, 2024 gathering. ideas for events, potlucks, ect are welcome.

As of now the only plan is for a meet and greet Sunday the 25th, likely at 7:00pm.

Ray Welk will have a campfire each evening at site 19. Potluck?

Local sight tour? What else would you like to do? Suggestions welcome!

Make your reservations for Bay View State Park here: 

More information at Region 8 notes.

The dates have been set for 2025 annual meetup on Vancouver Island May 22-25, 2025 but the location is yet to be determined.

We have such a good time we keep doing it. Some even wandered the island after the rally.




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