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Jan 27, 2024

REGION 7 2024 Roadtrek Chapter Rally & FMCA INTO Rally

Hatbox Event Center in Muskogee, OK 

(1) May 14-17, 2024 (RTI Chapter Rally - Mosey INTO Muskogee Early)

By Phyllis Slaughter

(2) May 17-21, 2024 (FMCA INTO Rally - Mosey INTO Muskogee)



Mosey INTO Muskogee Early

The Roadtrek Chapter Rally will be held May 14-17, 2024, at the Hatbox Event Center in Muskogee, OK. 

It will be a pre-rally and held just before the INTO rally in the same location.  We will be parked in the same sites for both rallies.

Our Roadtrek rally is an opportunity to meet other Roadtrek owners, trade information about our vehicles, travel tips, and get to know each other.  We are still planning the details, but there will be the usual tech seminar, swap area and other activities. Every morning we will meet for continental breakfast and have dinner together.   One activity planned is the” Tour of Homes” where we can see and hear about what others have done to their Roadtrek homes.  There will be an award for “best in show “ for the best home improvements.

We also hope to do something special to celebrate Roadtrek Corporation’s 50th Anniversary

The Rally fee for the Roadtrek Rally is $125 for one person in a Roadtrek, $150 for two people in a Roadtrek and $175 for three people in a Roadtrek.

The rally fee includes 3 nights camping (electricity and water), 3 continental breakfasts, 2 dinners, and other activities. 

(1) Sign up for the rally at:

Send the rally fee to [email protected] via Zelle.  You need a Zelle app on your phone or via your banking website. 

Or send a check to: Phyllis Slaughter 407 Palomar Lane, Richardson, TX 75081 for the appropriate amount.

For questions, contact Phyllis Slaughter


(2) Sign up for Mosey INTO Muskogee (FMCA) at

On the line that says ”RV Type”, enter Roadtrek ChapterDo not pay for the extra night.  That night is covered with the Roadtrek Rally fee.

For questions, contact Phyllis Slaughter




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