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Oct 27, 2023

Region 9 Roadtrek Caravan to Yucatan 2025

By Sam & Laura Hutkins

Roadtrek Caravan to Yucatan 2025

Jan-April 2025 (tbd)

Roadtrek Caravan to Yucatan 2025 EVENT DESCRIPTION

Are you ready for a trip of a lifetime? My wife, Laura, and I completed a 3 month RV camping trip this year driving our Roadtrek in a caravan all the way to Mexico City! We experienced Mexico in a way that we could not by visiting one location, doing it alone or dropping by off of a cruise ship. We have been in so many beautiful towns, seen the silver town of Taxco, shopped the mercado in Mazatlan, climbed ancient Aztec pyramids, been in the heart of Mexico City to visit the museum as well as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, seen gold encrusted altars of many churches, found the source of and tasted many tequilas, ate at some of the best Mexican restaurants in town, and forged lasting relationships with our fellow travelers.  Many of those experiences have been enhanced with experienced and interesting local tour guides. This was provided for us through Caravanas de Mexico, the only federally licensed caravan company in Mexico, and the company we will be contracting through for this trip in 2025  ( And, we’re ready to go again!

We are organizing a 3 month “Roadtrek and Class B Friends Trip” to the Yucatan in January 2025 (dates tbd). That is more than a whole year away to do your planning, plus the price will go up December 31, 2023. That makes NOW the perfect time for you to get onboard. Direct from Caravanas de Mexico’s web site for the trip,: “We will explore Mexico's Colonial Interior then head for the Caribbean coast and the Yucatan, exploring both well known Mayan sites and many that tourists seldom visit, like the remote - impressive ruins at Calakmul, near the Guatemalan border. All your RV parks are covered, plus many meals & tours. We will end the trip with some relaxing beach stays on the west coast.We will cruise on Lake Bacalar, sometimes referred to as the Maldives of the Americas, swim in jungle rivers & sink holes, witness thousands of bats emerge from a cave at sunset and observe strange religious practices in the highlands of Chiapas. We will stay at an orphanage in Chiapas. On our last trip we raised enough money to supply it with an extra fridge and a washing machine.”  This year the Yucatan Caravan met in Mission, Texas in January (border crossing) and returned via Lukeville, Az in early April.  By being only Class B’s we will have better access to more campgrounds, so signing up now will assure we are only Roadtreks and Class B’s. 

Got your attention? You probably have many questions like: 

·         This is a year and more away. It is for 3 months! I do not know what I will be doing then. Maybe I will have conflicts, bills, health issues, or my Roadtrek will need repairs. How can I make this commitment now?

·         Why register now and not wait until, say, late 2024?

·         Is this a Roadtrek-only trip? Why? What about those big rigs and Class A’s?

·         Is it safe? (Boy, have we heard that question over and over again, including from our children.)

·         What if I break down on the road in Mexico?

·         Is it safe? (Didn’t we already cover that question?)

·         How much does gas cost in Mexico?

·         Can I drink the water?

·         Are all the meals rice and beans, and are the foods too spicy?

·         How much does it cost?

·         Can I get a refund if we find we cannot go?

In August I will have a ZOOM meeting for anyone interested. We can cover these questions and more. Not sure about it yet? Come join the ZOOM meeting anyway. Have questions that will not wait? You can contact us at our email [email protected] .

To participate in the ZOOM meeting, please email us with the SUBJECT: “Yucatan ZOOM meeting”, and feel free to add a question others might have, also.

Trip dates: Jan-April 2025 (tbd)

Price: $13,850 USD based on 2 people per vehicle (changes 12/31/23)

$750 USD deposit now

Canadian dollars based on the exchange rate

Special note: If we do not get 12 Roadtreks or Class B’s signed on by June 2024, Caravanas will have to open this up to larger vehicles. So, now is the time to get our gathering moving! This is not an RTI-only rally. If we do not get all 12 slots filled by Roadtreks and Class-B’s, then they will open the trip up to other sized vehicles.

Come join the caravan!

Sam and Laura Hutkins

2000 Roadtrek D190V

Vacaville, CA

[email protected]

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