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Serving Roadtrek owners over twenty-six years

A message from our Chapter President

Welcome everybody to our Roadtrek International website where you will find all kinds of information about our club, how to join and camping fun.

Whether you are new to camping or experienced, you probably have seen a Roadtrek or maybe you own one.  Roadtreks are fabulous fun class B motor homes. People can recognize them by their “signature” 3 Little Windows above the windshield. If you own one it is hard to resist giving a wave when you pass each other on our Canadian or United States roadways.

We are a Chapter “club” under the umbrella of Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA). If you are a member of FMCA there are many different chapters you can choose to belong to, but ours is one of the biggest and it is made up of people who own Roadtreks. If you own a Roadtrek or want to get one, this website can help you. Take a look and see what we have to offer.

Briefly: We are fun loving explorers who love driving our Roadtreks where we want to go. We can even do U-turns and park in regular spaces! We communicate via this website, a bimonthly newsletter, e-mail system called CyberRally, and a membership directory.

Our rallies are additional activities to reunite with our Roadtrek extended family. Rallies are designed and hosted by members all over North America because we are an International Chapter. We share technology information, ideas on interior or exterior adaptations and S’mores!  Join us and have fun.


Christine Oberhoffer President

Roadtrek International Chapter of FMCA


Roadtrek Benefits

Membership Directory. The directory provides names, addresses, phone numbers and in many cases e-mail addresses of members. The directory is available “on line”, and is updated frequently.

Newsletter. The bi-monthly newsletter, Roadtrek News, keeps the members informed of Roadtrek activities. Detailed descriptions and registration materials for future events are published. Tips relating to your Roadtrek, interesting articles and reports are also included.

Website. Visit the Roadtrek International Chapter website: to learn more about our Chapter. You’ll find drop-down menus for our organization structure, regional areas, rally information, Roadtreks for sale, and more !

CyberRally. The CyberRally is an e-mail forum where members discuss Roadtrek related topics. Several hundred of our Chapter members are participants, at no cost.

Roadtrek activities. Chapter and Regional rallies are held in many states and provinces throughout the year. There have been Roadtrek caravans to Mexico, Baja California, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Grand Canyon and the Southwest and historical southeastern coastal cities. Members have also gone on cruises as a group.

Additionally, since our Club is a chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), all FMCA member benefits and services also apply. Membership in FMCA is a prerequisite for becoming a member of Roadtrek International Chapter. Check out the list of FMCA benefits on their Website as well as their application at If you only take advantage of a few of the benefits available, you will have exceeded the amount of the dues paid. An application for membership in Roadtrek International Chapter is found on our website, by selecting the drop-down menu “about us”, and select “forms”..





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