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Welcome to the Roadtrek CyberRally

The Roadtrek CyberRally is a group email service provided for its members by the Roadtrek International Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).The CyberRally is open to all Roadtrek International members.

The CyberRally functions very simply. E-mail sent to the service by individual members is usually posted within minutes [NOTE: TEXT TYPE FILES (txt,pdf,docx) AND  IMAGES/PHOTOS MAY BE ATTACHED].

CyberRally members may choose to receive 1 of 6 message options (see the subscription section when logged into By default, members will receive Individual e-mail messages when posted or a Digest (Plain or Rich Formatting). A Daily Summary is another option.

Email Messages may be limited or stopped by you at any time. Just choose Special Notices Only or No Email.  All choices can be accessed in the Subscription section in your page or email the Moderators for help.

Directions on how to use the message service are emailed to new members as soon as the member’s name and pertinent information have been added to the CyberRally database.

The Roadtrek Chapter does not claim ownership of any Content you submit or make available for inclusion on the CyberRally. However, with respect to Content you submit or make available for inclusion on the CyberRally, you grant the Roadtrek Chapter the following world-wide, royalty free and non-exclusive license(s), as applicable:

With respect to Content you submit or make available for inclusion on the CyberRally, you grant the Roadtrek Chapter the license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, or publicly display such Content on the CyberRally or the Chapter Web Page or in the Roadtrek Newsletter solely for the purposes of providing information about Roadtreks and Roadtreking.


I. CyberRally Objectives

The objectives of the Roadtrek CyberRally are to give members a forum to:

1. Discuss Roadtreks and Roadtrekking. This includes such items as (but not limited to): driving, parking, navigation, cooking, camping, and tools for communication; storage, entertainment modes, improvements in sleeping; travel routings, destinations and places to stay; Roadtrek modifications, accessories, and problems, etc.
2. Share Roadtrek lifestyles, including activities that enhance the enjoyable use of our motorhomes.
3. Make new Roadtrek friends.
4. Promote Roadtrek Rallies.
5. Promote the Roadtrek International Chapter, its services and activities.


II. CyberRally Etiquette

In order for the service to accommodate these objectives, those who send emails (posters) must adhere to the following:

1. Posting content must be relevant to the objectives of the CyberRally.
2. Posting of announcements or discussions pertaining to “formal” Roadtrek Regional or Chapter Rallies is permissible. Registrations for “formal” or Chapter rallies shall not be accepted via the CyberRally until at least one week after the registration forms and information have appeared in the Roadtrek Newsletter. Announcements of informal or “spur of the moment” rallies, get-togethers, etc. are permitted and encouraged.
3. Non-Roadtrek related products and/or services shall not be “advertised” on the CyberRally. Roadtrek related products or services may be “advertised” on the CyberRally (approval required by the Moderator Committee). The Moderator Committee shall be the sole judge of whether a product is Roadtrek related or not and what constitutes “advertising” and of the text, form, etc. of the advertising. Paid advertising from commercial establishments, however, is not permitted on the CyberRally.
4. Misleading or inaccurate information should not be posted. Political views, causes, or campaigns may not be posted. Jokes are not allowed due to someone misinterpreting the intent.
5. Information relative to Internet or virus problems must not be posted, but rather directed to the Moderator Committee for appropriate action.
6. Attacks on another person, company, or country, etc., are not allowed.
7. Personally offensive, derogatory or abusive language is not permitted; excessive negativism is not appropriate.
8. It is highly recommended that postings include a subject that reflects the (main) content of the posting.
9. It is suggested that postings include your name, city, state/province, make, model and year of your Roadtrek. This additional information may be very helpful.
10. Follow-up postings and replies on subjects loosely related to Roadtreks and Roadtrekking may be better communicated in private email rather than in CyberRally postings. Items of special interest to a number of members may be continued on the CyberRally but should be considerate of others. Using both of these practices is encouraged.


III. CyberRally Management

The Roadtrek CyberRally is managed by Chapter volunteers and consists of a System Administrator and a Roadtrek CyberRally Moderator Committee appointed by the Chapter President. Volunteer candidates must be CyberRally users. Those appointed will be announced in a CyberRally posting, in the Roadtrek Newsletter and listed in the Roadtrek Directory. The Chapter Secretary also provides support to the Committee.

General duties are as follows:

A. System Administrator

The System Administrator provides the following support:

1. Interfaces with the Internet Service Provider to maintain the email and Web server.
2. Provides additional services as may be needed by the Moderator Committee and others as requested.


Provides technical expertise and advice to the Moderator Committee

B. Roadtrek CyberRally Moderator Committee

The Moderator Committee provides the following services and support:

1. Monitors posts, as much as possible, for conformance with the Operating Procedures.
2. Responds to inquiries from members.
3. Enrolls new members in the CyberRally and makes any necessary changes in the CyberRally database.
4. Writes and posts Roadtrek CyberRally communications to the CyberRally membership.
5. Recommends changes and/or amendments to the Operating Procedures.
6. Recommends changes or enhancements to the service.

The CyberRally Moderator Committee may take the following action, as deemed appropriate, if a member fails to comply with the Operating Procedures.

1. Send a private email warning to the offending member.
2. Send a posted reminder to all CyberRally members.
3. Send a posted warning to an individual member.
4. Suspend or ban from the CyberRally any member who shows an unwillingness to comply with the Operating Procedures. Any member suspended or banned may appeal that action to the Chapter Executive Board.

Committee actions, for other than obvious flagrant violations of these Operating Procedures, will be discussed and approved by agreement of the Moderator Committee before any action is taken. Committee actions are subject to review and possible changes by the Chapter Executive Board.

C. Chapter Secretary

The Chapter Secretary provides the following support:

1. Maintains the Chapter membership list and confirms membership for the Moderator Committee which is used to enroll new CyberRally members.
2. Has the capability to add new members to the CyberRally list, if needed.


IV. Amendment of the Roadtrek CyberRally Operating Procedures

The Moderator Committee Chairperson will forward all suggested amendments of the CyberRally Guidelines/Operating Procedures, along with recommendations agreed to by the Moderator Committee members, to the Chapter President for consideration by the Chapter Executive Board.

Revised 8/30/2020

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