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(Posted on RTI 3/5/2020)

My company located on the web at has purchased from Rapido all the molds used to make plastic body panels for Chevy-based Roadtrek products. I have very few actual panels in stock at this time but will try to get to production ASAP. Additionally, I am trying to source all the hardware that we will need to keep our rigs looking good. I have been a Roadtrek owner for almost 10 years and love the brand and the legacy. You can email [email protected] to reach me.

I received 4 semi loads of parts approximately a month ago. My warehouse staff has been working to identify everything. We received a very large inventory of glass as well as drawings to recreate that glass however there really isn't any indication of what year/model the glass fits. Some of the glass seems to be very early years; some recent.

Full disclosure...I am also a new RV dealer and sell Midwest Automotive Designs products. I have just completed my application to become a Roadtrek service center in Jackson, MS. Give us a call at ‭(833) 433-3332 .


Brian Atkinson

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