Welcome to Region 9 - Covering AZ, CA, CO, HI, NV, NM, UT

The Region currently has 2 VP positions, 1 is filled and another position is available!

Our current VP's oversee Southern CA Regional activities.

Mary Jane and Jeff Curry


contact: [email protected]

Region 9 includes many wonderful Roadtrekers and there are lots of fabulous  locations for informal and more formal get togethers and Rallies.

The region is as strong as its volunteers.  Please consider inquiring about how you might share some of your talents with the group in taking on a role within the region.

Speak up if you have web page mastery skills... I'll connect you with one of the RTI  webmasters.

While the page is being developed:  you are invited to click on the link below to see what some of the current activities are that have occurred recently.

 FACEBOOK PAGE mentioned above