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Jul 1, 2023

REGION 6 Roadtrek R&R to See the Total Solar Eclipse

Arrowhead Lake

Johnston City, IL

Around April 8, 2024

By Gil and Nancy Emmert

A total solar eclipse will occur April 8, 2024 in the United States. The path of totality goes from Texas to Maine. We have booked a campsite at Arrowhead Lake in Johnston City, IL to watch it, weather permitting. At that location, totality should last just over 4 minutes. Johnston City is a small town in southern Illinois, about 60 miles north of Paducah, KY.

We invite other Roadtrekkers to join us and make it a Roadtrek R&R.  You will need to book your own campsite; to do that call the Johnston City Hall (telephone: (618) 983-6651)  and ask for Jade West, she is the city clerk. Tell her you want to reserve a campsite at Arrowhead Lake during the solar eclipse; she will explain the process and get you started. (The computer system at the campground office can't handle reservations that far in advance, so the reservations are being handled by the city hall).

We are in site F2. As of a week ago they had 16 sites available. RV sites are $50 per night with no discounts. All sites have 30 and 50 amp electricity and water. The campground has a dump station, laundry, and showers.  The campground website is

To watch the eclipse you will need  ISO certified eclipse glasses. You can get them online. One possible source is

Gil and Nancy Emmert
Madison, WI
Region 6 VPs

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