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What is the Roadtrek Chapter CyberRally?

Just like a real Rally, the CyberRally is an on-line way for members to share ideas and get answers to questions we might have about our Roadtreks. It is a valuable, near-real-time, email dialogue among members that is only Roadtrek related. It is not for humor, politics or any other topic, but for information sharing related to enjoying our Roadtreks (see CyberRally Operating procedures for details).

Simply put, a member can ask a question about their Roadtrek, related travels, or post an answer to a question that someone else has asked.

CyberRally communication is by email or using the Web pages and free to Chapter members. If you know how to read or respond to email, then you know how to use the CyberRally. Our Members are quite knowledgeable about their Roadtreks.  Try them!

Should you join our Roadtrek Chapter of FMCA, we will sign you up for the CyberRally.

 If you have any questions about the CyberRally, please use [email protected] to contact us.

Welcome to the CyberRally.

If you are a FMCA member, but not a CyberRally member and would like to join the CyberRally, please contact [email protected].

Be sure to include your
> Full Name
> FMCA number.
> Email address
   REGULAR is individual email whenever it is sent.
   DIGEST is ONE email approximately every few hours with all recent messages in that one email.

Please note:
You must be a member of Roadtrek International and FMCA to join the CyberRally.



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