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Popular 190 (RI)  SOLD

2002 Popular 190 (RI) SOLD

Price: $35,000 US | Year: 2002

Immaculate.  I bought from a guy who inherited it from his grandfather who garage stored and professionally maintained this since he bought new in 2002.  A literal barn find.


30,000 miles.  Strong V8 4 speed auto transmission.  Van drives strongly and positively, handling is excellent no roll no lurching no wander.  More like SUV or car than van.  18 hour Onan gen runs perfectly.  Despite being a New England van no rust due to care and inside storage.

No smell, dirt etc inside.  Fridge, heater, get. hot water inside/ outside double water and toilet tanks for marginal freezing conditions.

Available in Newport RI for viewing and test drive.  Drive it you can’t break it.

Asking US$35,000.   Listed 8Sep19 (ad #127)

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